We advise on devising a clear strategy for the short and long term protection of intangible assets, which are the results of our clients’ creativity and inventiveness, in a manner that suits our clients’ business and organizational needs. This is a fundamental step to ensure the success of creative and innovative business models.

The services offered by our firm include:

  • Assistance in connection with brand and intellectual property rights protection and enforcement (in court, out-of-court, and before administrative bodies)
  • Filing, prosecution and registration of IP rights
  • Advice on content clearances with a view to ensuring that all content does not infringe third-party rights (particularly, copyright, trademarks, designs and image rights) and that the right to lawfully use any third-party content is validly acquired through the most suitable contractual structures
  • Advice on copyleft with a view to identifying the most appropriate approach to the licensing of IP rights vis-à-vis the end user (e.g. custom licenses or Creative Commons licenses)


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