Efficient human resources management is fundamental, especially for dynamic businesses such as those of our clients, who invest significantly in creativity and the development of innovative technologies.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the industries we serve, the experience gained in drafting employment contracts and our understanding of intellectual property issues, we are able to advise clients on talent acquisition matters, identifying customised contractual solutions that guarantee not only a level of flexibility that is appropriate to the dynamic nature of the relevant sector, but also an allocation of IP rights that is consistent with our clients’ business needs.

By offering ongoing advice in the management of employment and self-employment relationships, as well as concrete support in the creation of consistent talent retention strategies, we help our clients keep their best talents.

These are some of the activities in relation to which we offer assistance:

  • Acquisition of Italian human resources and management of cross-border employment relationships
  • Reviewing, drafting and negotiating of freelance and employment contracts
  • Development of employee retention strategies
  • Out-of-court and in-court assistance in connection with labour disputes
  • Management of work visas procedures and assistance to foreign workers in respect of the collection of the documentation required to work in Italy
  • Drafting of (privacy) notices for employees and management of the employer’s privacy compliance
  • Development of strategies to manage the remote control of workers
  • Drafting of policies on the use of work/IT tools
  • Drafting of company regulations


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