The vast majority of our clients work in industries that are dynamic and oftentimes new. For this reason, the regulatory framework applicable to them is rarely clear and consistent.

In addition to being enthusiastic users of our clients’ services, our professionals combine in-depth academic knowledge of the law and regulations with years of experience working in digital and creative industries, either as private practice lawyers or as in-house counsels. This enables us to quickly identify all relevant rules and regulations and to provide legal and business advice which is based on the understanding of the existing rules (as well as their shortcomings) and also of the possible or likely future developments of the regulatory framework applicable to digital industries.

Our professionals are accustomed to handle work involving different jurisdictions and to take into account not only different rules but also best practices and cultural sensitivities that may, and often do, vary significantly from geography to geography. This enables us to raise clients’ awareness of the legal and regulatory implications of conducting business on an international scale.

We advise in respect of compliance with Italian and European regulations (and sometimes other countries too, such as Japan), in the following areas:

  • Consumer law
  • Advertising law
  • Privacy & data protection law
  • IT & cybersecurity law
  • Media & communications law
  • Esports & gaming laws
  • Contests and prize-draws legislation
  • Gambling law
  • Competition law/Antitrust
  • Product compliance
  • Corporate compliance and anti-corruption programmes (e.g. pursuant to Law no. 231/2001)


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