Effective management of risk, as well as maximization of commercial opportunities, can be achieved through the competent handling of commercial contacts. Whether contracts between professionals (B2B) or consumer-facing contracts (B2C) are involved, businesses benefit from clear and exhaustive contractual terms drafted with a thorough understanding of the industries in which they operate.

In B2B contracts, our knowledge of the industries we serve, combined with the technical knowledge of the legal issues involved and the pragmatism we derive from our experience as in-house lawyers, allow us to quickly understand our clients’ needs and to assist them efficiently in connection with contractual matters.

We review, draft and negotiate B2B contracts including:

  • Agreements for the production, development, publishing and distribution of videogames and other multimedia products and services
  • License agreements, agreements for the assignment and transfer of IP rights and other intangible assets
  • Co-existence agreements (trademarks and other distinctive signs)
  • Merchandising, sponsorship, celebrity endorsement agreements, agreements for the enhancement of the brand and corporate image
  • Contracts relating to image rights
  • Service agreements for the development and operation of websites and digital platforms
  • Franchise agreements
  • Agreements related to securities over movable and immovable assets

Moreover, our expertise with consumer matters allows us to provide assistance also in connection with B2C contracts, which must comply with increasingly complex Italian and European rules on consumer protection.

Examples of B2C contracts we review and draft on a regular basis cover the following:

  • EULAs
  • Terms of use for websites
  • Terms of service for platforms and applications
  • Terms of sale for e-commerce platforms and consumers’ warranties/guarantees
  • Contractual terms applicable to contests and prize-draws
  • Contractual terms applicable to esports tournaments


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