Andrea and Nicoletta teach "Media Law" at Link Campus University in Rome

31 OCTOBER 2019

The Link Campus University of Rome introduced for the first time in 2019 the teaching of the subject “Media Law“, which attributes no. 12 credits and is part of the degree course named “Innovative Technologies for Digital Communication” (L-20) organized by the University.

The degree course, which started in October 2019, aimed to provide the students with the basics of intellectual property rights and to offer an overview of the rules governing the media industry in Italy, with a particular focus on the video game industry and esports.

Andrea Rizzi and Nicoletta Serao taught the course focusing on the legal issues relevant for the media, video games and esports businesses.

This was an important opportunity to collaborate with an Italian university with a strong international vocation and a pronounced focus on the world of media and technological innovation.