Alina discussed AI and copyright at the at the Workshop on IPRs organised by the University of Szeged

19 APRIL 2021

Andrea Rizzi & Partners’ Of Counsel Alina Trapova presented on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and copyright at the Fifth Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights organised by the University of Szeged and Professor Peter Mezei.

Interestingly, one of the workshop’s keynotes saw Advocate General Maciej Szpunar discussing the landmark CJEU’s Tom Kabinet case. When asked about digital exhaustion in videogames, AG Szpunar declined to answer directly, saying he does not rule out the possibility of a future CJEU case addressing this very issue – however, the comment he made may be seen as giving a hint: “in principle, videogames are closer to ebooks than to a computer program”.

For more information on the copyright exhaustion of digitally distributed videogames, you can read a recent article by Alina and Emanuele published by the Interactive Entertainment Law Review (available here).